MVA temporary registration

getting car title in maryland
Getting car title in Maryland
August 2, 2017
mva tag return
MVA Tag Return
September 4, 2017
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MVA temporary registration

mva temporary registration maryland


MVA temporary registration

At Alfonso Title and Tag & Title partners, we understand the frustration of going to the MVA, to fill out different types of forms and joining the long queue, just for you to realize that there is a mistake in the paper work and you have to go back another day. We are a group of tag and title agencies in Maryland that strive to provide you with high quality service in our friendly office locations.

we are a tag and title in Maryland and we can help you

To help you with your MVA temporary registration, we will need a valid identification form, the original vehicle’s title and a proof of insurance. It is important to note that the state of Maryland only issue (1) 30- day temporary registration so that you can get your vehicle safety inspection; if you do not obtain your vehicle safety inspection within the 30 day period, you will not get a second MVA temporary registration. Please keep in mind that if your vehicle needs repairs, you may apply for a “title only.” Please contact any of our locations for more information.


Once your vehicle passes the Maryland vehicle safety inspection, you may apply for your one or two years registration plates and MVA temporary registration

and we are here to help you, please visit one of our tag and title locations in Maryland or learn more about our other services such as:

Temporary tags, duplicate title, stickers renewal and more.


Tag and title locations in maryland

Tag and title locations in Maryland.


Tag & Title in Silver Spring: 817 silver spring ave suite 100, silver spring MD 20910

Phone number: 301 – 585 – 3915


Tag & Title in Langley park: 1401 University Blvd E. Suite G25B, Hyattsville, MD 20783

Phone number: 301 – 254 – 3194


Tag & Title in Glen Burnie: 706 Crain highway North, Glen burnie MD 21061

Phone number: 410 – 553 – 4774


Tag & Title in Baltimore: 1015 Old eastern Ave, suite A, Essex MD 21221

Phone number: 443 – 559 – 8696


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